What We Offer


Document translation, audio transcription, and over-the-phone interpretation


Interpreting in Medical/Health settings: Hospital ER, doctor’s offices, and other legal settings.

Community Interpreting – school systems, public services, refugee resettlement services


Interpreters for Court hearings, trials, depositions, immigration, and United States Citizenship Tests preparing.


Africaan language proficiency testing, language instruction, and tutoring


Travel and tourism services in Africa, and escort interpreters for United States Visitors Abroad and Foreign Visitors in the United States

  • • Interpretation Services.: Conference, Legal, Medical Community, Military, Escort

  • • Document translation Services

  • • Voice Recording, Voice-over, Sub Titling, Dubbing,

  • • Audio/Video Transcription Services

  • • Localization Services

  • • Language Proficiency testing

  • • Language Training and Educational materials

  • • Interpretation Equipment Rental

  • • Comprehensive Linguistic Analytical Support Services

  • • Legal and Community Interpreter Training

  • • African Language and Culture Workshops for K-12 Schools

  • • Cross Cultural Training

  • • Escort Interpreters for US Visitors Abroad or Foreign Visitors in the United States

  • • Community Services such as Prep for US Citizenship Tests, ESL Classes

  • • Travel and Tourism in Africa

  • • Domestic & International Exchange Programs to provide Inter Cultural Learning experiences for Youth and Adults.


African books, videos, and accessories

We have a wealth of African books, videos, and accessories related to African languages, cultdures, and peoples. It is our goal to provide this mediums to our individuals, educational insitutions, and government agencies to enhance their understanding of African languages and peoples. We believe in the promotion of inter-cultural knolwedge and experience, thereby promoting our Africa to the global community.






Learn about major African languages and cultures in less than three weeks.



We specialize in African Languages translation and interpreting services.




We offer African music, dance, and cultural-entertainment services.